The Wonder of God’s Creation

The Wonder of God’s Creation – The Lightning Bug
Earlier this month, I stepped out of the house to take our Dalmatian outside one evening about 9:30 p.m. It was a warm night as it usually is in July. As our dog made its rounds in the front yard, my eyes became adjusted to the very end of twilight and the beginning of night. I looked and saw a lightning bug (or firefly, depending on which part of the country you hail from). I watched, fascinated, as if I were a child, and then I saw the trees at the end of my cove light up as hundreds, more likely thousands of lightning bugs lit up the night. I had to stand there and just marvel at the wonder of God’s Creation!
Light is a great Biblical theme. According to the book of Genesis, light is the first thing God creates. The light divided creation into light and darkness. Later in the creation story in Genesis, God creates the sun and the moon and the stars. The moon and stars are lesser lights to govern the night. Sometime in the creation of all things, God created the lightning bugs, not so much to govern the night, but to be a sign of God’s blessing of light in a tiny insect making itself visible in the night. Let me encourage you to marvel at God’s creation. Go outside on these warm summer nights and watch the lightning bugs dance with their light shining in the darkness. You will be glad you did!
God bless you!
Dr. C. Gregory Darden, Pastor
Faith Presbyterian Church